Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Turbo Assembler

A simple and efficient software solution that provides a user-friendly interface for the command-line Turbo Assembler application

GUI Turbo Assembler was developed as a frontend for the popular Turbo Assembler issued by Borland. The goal is to provide developers with a more comfortable approach to building and assembling code through an intuitive and user-friendly GUI.

Perks of GUI Turbo Assembler

As opposed to Borland’s product, which adopts a command line approach, GUI Turbo Assembler meets the need of the modern developer. The program leverages the power of Turbo Assembler in its unaltered form by encasing the assembly’s engine into a more comfortable interface.

In addition to this, the project is released under an open source license, which means use inside commercial environments is permitted without any restriction.

A powerful and versatile IDE

Alongside the modern appearance, GUI Turbo Assembler packs a decent set of features which are common to any IDE available on today’s market. First and foremost, it sports a tabbed GUI, which means you will be able to work on several projects at the same time and switch between views seamlessly.

Secondly, the program delivers multiple building and assembly scenarios which can be triggered by hotkeys; for instance, you can opt to run for a build-only operation, but if you want to perform an assembly task after, there is a function that can do both of these without your intervention.

Other features include syntax highlighting, formatting options such as copy / paste / undo / redo, as well as case modifications and a log console where potential errors are recorded.

A favorable verdict

GUI Turbo Assembler is the perfect asset for developers who are seeking to replace Borland’s program with a more accessible one. It is a complex IDE that provides all the necessary tools needed for assembling code in a complication-free manner.